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Tunnelling for a Better Life! 2024-05-06 News
Expanding research on the fluidity of shield tail sealing grease 2024-03-08 News
"Focusing on sustainable development and comprehensively promoting the utilization of waste soil resources" 2023-12-11 News
Wall lubrication and formation stability during sinking well construction 2023-11-17 News
Biaosheng Technology Experiment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Participated in the Canadian Shield Tunneling Association Conference 2023-10-18 News
Application potential of high-performance polymers 2023-09-22 News
Baosheng series products - application in underwater non dispersed cement slurry 2023-08-18 News
EPB shield tunneling soil modification and environmental assessment 2023-08-03 News
The group standard seminar on was successfully held 2023-05-18 News
Exploring the experimental method of using a new type of thixotropic mud when crossing permeable formations 2023-04-16 News
Study on the post curing effect of a new thixotropic mud 2023-03-17 News
The Balsam Laboratory Company all staff wish you a happy new year 2023-01-18 News
The science based net zero target submitted by the company was officially approved by SBTI 2022-12-18 News
Specific gravity effect of slurry and adjustment 2022-11-18 News
The new thixotropic mud pump passed feeding trial operation 2022-10-18 News
Development of Experimental Platform for Shield Tail Sealing System 2022-09-26 News
The determination of global governments and businesses in the race to carbon neutrality 2022-09-26 News
ymposium on Construction Performance and Testing Methods of Shield Tail Sealing Grease 2022-09-26 News
New functional material - waste slury treatment agent Baldryer 2022-09-26 News
Balsam laboratory (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. officially joined the SME Climate Center 2022-09-26 News