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‘Carbon Neutrality’ is by no means a slogan, and curbing global warming is not a call that has only appeared in recent years! In fact, scientists have recognized that global warming will cause great harm to human beings many years ago. After years of efforts by governments and the scientific community, ‘Carbon Neutrality’ and ‘Net Zero Emissions’ have now become a global consensus.
In 1988, the Intergovernmental Committee on Climate Change (IPCC) was established, and more than 3,000 scientists around the world began to conduct scientific assessments of global climate change in an organized manner; until COP26 passed the Glasgow Climate Convention in 2021, in the past 30 years, countless efforts have been made by countries, regions and organizations. People around the world are becoming more aware of climate change.

In order to implement the ‘Net zero’ goal, rather than stop at the stage of shouting slogans, governments around the world have formulated laws, policies and specific paths to achieve ‘Carbon Neutrality’. At present, countries that account for 90% of global GDP and 88% of global carbon emissions are gradually achieving carbon neutrality. President Xi Jinping proposed the ‘3060 Goals’ in September 2020, and then repeatedly pledged at important international conferences to ‘do what we say’. In the ‘14th Five-Year Plan’ in March 2021, ‘carbon peaking and carbon neutrality’was written into an important national policy document, which shows China's ambition and determination to curb global warming.

Not only governments are taking action, but companies around the world are also joining the race, setting their own carbon neutrality goals.

‘Carbon Neutrality’ is a global irreversible torrent in which many areas of the global economy will be reconfigured. As individuals and enterprises, only by following this trend can we achieve sustainable development. We will also invest R&D funds in the field of ‘Carbon Neutrality’, actively participate in the ‘Net Zero Competition’, and hope to contribute to the ‘3060 Goals’ together with colleagues.