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Recently, the new thixotropic mud pump jointly developed by Balsam Laboratory (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and the construction unit successfully passed the feeding trial operation.

The new type of thixotropic mud is developed by Balsam Laboratory (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. It can be used in pipe jacking and shield construction to lubricate, support formation and inhibit settlement. It is also known as friction reducing mud. The new thixotropic mud is a colloidal liquid when pumped, has fluidity, and becomes a gel jelly after standing for a period of time. The use of general grouting pumps cannot meet the requirements of on-site construction.

According to the characteristics of the new thixotropic mud, after comprehensively considering the complexity of underground construction, technical parameter requirements, civilized construction requirements, and site requirements, we designed a prototype of the new thixotropic mud pump. The pump has automatic control function; it is equipped with a torque sensor that it is able to automatically mix thixotropic mud that meets the requirements; it integrates a compact mixing box, which occupies a small area while meeting the requirements of use. The pump is easy to fill with raw materials and meets the requirements of civilized construction. After repeated discussions and test demonstrations, the final design of the new thixotropic mud pump was finally determined. In this feeding trial operation, we produced a new type of thixotropic mud of about one cubic meter on site. During the trial operation, the pressure injection of the mud was smooth, the action met the requirements, the automatic control system was stable, and the acceptance requirements were met.

This trial operation is a sign of success for Balsam Laboratory (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to move towards the next step.